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...Apparently, I Blog!

Yep, I blog.

I'm a blogger.

And it feels really weird, but also really right, and dare I say it makes me feel at home, to admit. I've struggled with the idea of starting this for many years. It's finally time to jump in feet first with no hesitation. For whatever reason, I've run from this venture. I've thought of all the reasons not to do it and I'm all out of excuses.

Here's part of why...

This year each one of our family of four drew a slip of paper and MADE a special Christmas gift for their scribbled name. It was kind of a spur of the moment, "Oh, maybe this will teach my little men a random 'this is what Christmas is all about' lesson and I'll look like a totally amazing, on the ball parent!

It turned into, "Wait I have to make two gifts?!" moment for mom and dad. (Poor guy. It wasn't even his idea.) See, we quickly realized, that at 9 and 7 years old, they couldn't do this even remotely on their own!

Our never stops moving,

give me a tool,

can't sit still,

I can tackle the world with a hammer,

let's do some flips...

did I mention he moves a lot? ...

7 year old drew his dad! I ended up in the garage. It's the one place in the house my husband has "organized." Luckily the spunky one had memorized the layout of his father's tool cabinet and was pretty handy with a saw and sandpaper. I gave up on the hammer and nails, though. I really hope wood glue is some sort of magic adhesive that will stand the test of time and daddy's bright yellow desk organizer, made from the headstock of an old guitar, left over birdhouse pieces, and Legos, becomes a family heirloom someday.

The other funny part was that my nerdy little clone drew me! Therefore, his daddy...who quiet honestly struggles to relate to my nose in a book, Dr. Who loving, wand waving, science on the brain kiddo... had to figure out how to help him.

And I have to say, I never expected what he'd choose for me. It was amazing to see the love that went into each gift. I'm not sure I realized my three favorite men were so wonderfully thoughtful.

I got this website. Not sure how he knew it was a pretty perfect, thoughtful gift I might have never gotten myself. And there you have it! Like I said, out of excuses! Becoming a blogger is now more for my babies than it is for me. For some reason it has moved way up on the priority list.

I had a friend jokingly tell me recently that I have all the words. It may not have fully been a complement. But, I want to share what I love most, so words it is! I'm not 100% sure where these pages will take us, but I'm willing to be guided and find some passion in there somewhere, to share with whoever chooses to read them. So, I suppose when I go home, I blog...for these two goobers!!

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2 comentarios

09 ene 2018

yo mom i love this you sound like something out of percy jackson

Me gusta

08 ene 2018

I’m so glad you are writing. It will be good for you and for me. I love hearing your thoughts. Your boys are definitely worth it. Love you so.

Me gusta

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